Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Blog For Bella

Hi everyone! Welcome to Bella's new blog! Bella is a special needs kitty. She was found in a Target parking lot with rear-end paralysis. Bella was first introduced to the blogging world, inparticularly, the cat blogosphere, while being fostered by the kind folks at Save Moki. During Bella's introduction a special donation button was set up on Moki's blog in hopes of getting Bella a much needed wheelchair. Within an astonishing two and half days, the funds where raised, and Bella was well under way to getting her wheelchair.
With so much interest taken in Bella, the folks at Save Moki, couldn't possibly just send Bella on her way without any way to update all the wonderful folks out there who helped support her, so they created this blog for Bella and her bean. Now Bella's bean doesn't know anything about blogging, but the folks at Save Moki are pretty certain that with a crash course, Bella's bean will feel confident blogging in no time!
With that said, we'd like to ask that you now please join us in welcoming Bella and her bean to the CB!